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Magnets for Your Pets Health

Awhile back I talked to you about how magnets have really changed my life.  The carpal tunnel is almost non existent at this point.  The constant stiffness in my neck from working on my computer all the time, is gone.  I can not say enough about how magnets have helped me.

Now comes the stranger part of my experiment with magnets.  I was laying on the couch the other night and looked down at my poor old dog Teddybear, who was looking back at me with those loving eyes that she always looks at me with.  And suddenly I just thought I would take off my magnetic necklace and try it on her.

teddy-and-toys.jpg  Teddybear is 13 years old, mixed Border Collie and Australian Shepard, sweet as can be, but she is falling apart.  She has cataracts, can not hear well, has severe arthritis in her hind legs and as of this year has seizures.

Anyway, I took off my necklace and placed it on Teddybear to see what if any improvements in her health I would see.  I will tell you the improvements were very quick.  Now, I know, you could say that I was just wishing there were improvements but even my neighbor noticed that Teddy was not having as many seizures and they were not nearly as severe as they had been.

I would say that Teddy was probably having 3 to 4 seizures every hour and they would last about 8 to 10 seconds.  Now, she has one seizure every couple of hours maybe and they are only a couple of seconds long.  This is marked improvements.  She seems a lot more alert and peppier.

Of course this is great news and I am very happy to give up my necklace if it will make my dogs life a little better and it is.  Anyway, it gave me an idea for a new business, why not make pet collars with magnets in it!  Yeah…. great idea!  Everybodies doing it! 

Even the place where I got my last bracelet, Energetix has magnets for your pets collars.  So, much for my million dollar idea, but the good news is you can get magnets for your pets at Energetix Magnetic Jewelry.

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