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I Hate Halloween!


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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

So appropriately named, I am now SAD!  Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, is a mood disorder in which people who have seemingly normal mental health throughout most of the year and then experience depressive symptoms in the winter.

According to the US National Library of Medicine “some people experience a serious mood change when the seasons change. They may sleep too much, have little energy, and crave sweets and starchy foods. They may also feel depressed. Though symptoms can be severe, they usually clear up.”

It seems rather early for it to be hitting me this year.  Living in the Northwest, the sun seems to go down earlier then in most places.  I get up in the morning and it is dark, I come home from work and it is dark…. boy that makes me SAD!

There are many different treatments for classic (winter-based) seasonal affective disorder, the most widely used are light therapies with bright lights, some times anti-depression medication is prescribed, some try cognitive-behavioral therapy and carefully-timed supplementation of the hormone melatonin can also be used.

I’ve added links for several items that I have found at Amazon that would be very good if you also suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Cleaning House

I think keep a house clean is highly over rated, my favorite saying ever is by Erma Bombeck and I try to live by it:

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch on fire or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one cares. Why should you?   Erma Bombeck.

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Personalized Gifts For Your Kids

The holidays are coming, maybe one of your kids or grandkids have a birthday coming up.  There is a really cool place called Happy Kids, that has all personalized items of all kinds.  

Put your childs face on Personalized Photo Calendars for grandma.  Have a CD made up that sings songs to your child with their name in the song.  They have Personalized Childrens Books .  They can also make up “trick or treat bags” with your childs picture of them on it (take a picture of your kid in their costume already and have that put on the bad.. how cool would that be?)

Go check out all the amazing things that you can have personalized for gifts for the family or just something for your own child that will be very special to them.

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Webhostingpad sucks!!

Day 9 of not being able to get on my websites.  Have now sent back and forth upwards of 60 emails, they still tell me there is nothing wrong with my sites.  Funny, one when I go there disappears the minute I move my mouse, the other site freezes my computer. But to webhostingpad this is not a problem!

 Today I was on online chat for 4 hrs and 22 minutes…. I just let it run and waited to see what they would come back with.  The online chat person left me to go see what was wrong and never came back.  I am now on the phone on hold waiting for someone to help me, I have been on hold for 22minutes now, without any assistance at all.  I am going to go about my day again while waiting onhold here to see how long they can continue to play this same guitar song over and over.

Hum along if you know the words…. oh yeah, there are no words.  Stick around see how this one ends up.

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