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10 Keys To Success For Home Party Plan Consultants

There are many things you should do to be successful as a Home Party Plan Consultant but here are the 10 top things you want to do now to make your Home Party Plan business a success.

#1. Make a detailed list of everyone you know! Friends, Family, Co-workers, Neighbors, Teachers, Community Leaders etc. This will be your BASE Customer List. I recommend you contact everyone on your list via phone, in-person, email or postal mail to offer them a catalog and your business card. Print out flyers about your Hostess Plan and Current Hostess Specials and print out flyers about any consumer specials that your company is offering. Include those flyers with every catalog you hand out. For extra incentive, you could include a discount coupon that they can use on their first purchase from you.


#2  Know your products, everything about them, open up your catalog and start reading it cover to cover to familiarize yourself with all of the products. One way to do this is to take 3×5″ index cards and make up a set of Product Flash Cards. On the front side of each card put the product name & a picture of it (if available) and on the backside list the product features, item number, price and any other product facts.


Once you make up your Product Flash Cards, use them!  Find a friend or another consultant and practice with the flash cards, test each other till you get everyone right all the time.


#3. Hold your First Party with you being the Host or do a Mystery Hostess Party, you will want to do this within 3 weeks of joining your home party plan company. Invite everyone you know! This will give you practice on presenting at a home party show and expose your new business and products to your family and friends from your Contact Customer List above. The more you practice & the more parties you do, the more comfortable you will become.


#4. Attend local meetings or events that are sponsored by your party plan company. They offer training, motivation, support and friendship. These days we all lead very busy lives but if you don’t attend them, you are really selling yourself short on this valuable networking resource to get yourself started with your new homebased business.


#5. Attend local commerce & business events in your community. Rotary Clubs, local women’s business clubs, PTA meetings at your kids school.  You can build up business contacts & business references by attending these events. You need to network with as many people as possible and get your business  and your name out there so people recognize both.

  #6. Make marketing a priority. Your business isn’t going to promote itself.  Network online, in forums, on social networks, there are so many these days it is impossible to list them all.  Some social networks you might want to try are; Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, just to name a few.

#7. Ask for referrals.  Ask all your friends and family members to write down the names of 5 people they think could benefit from the products you are selling.  Offer your friends a discount on product if they give you a certain amount of names or if someone they refer orders product. #8  Set aside time to work on your business. Just like any job or business, you need to set a schedule for “work” and not let anything interfere with work time. The more you work on your business the more it will grow & flourish.  

#9. Develop a Positive Attitude! Be excited about your new business & the products that you offer! The more enthusiastic you are about your new business & products, the more enthused your party hosts & customers will be!

#10. Increase your sales by letting people know how your products can benefit them!  Everybody wants to make their lives easier, how is your product going to do that for them. The more you can tell them how they will benefit from your product the more they will want it. 

Get to know your customers likes and dislikes by asking them what they want or don’t want in a product.  You can also do a Customer Survey, give them a discount on product if they fill out a Survey Form.

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