Transitioning from Part Time at Home to Full Time

Making The Transition From Part Time at Home to Full Time at Home

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I often read articles, blog posts and message board posts from those hoping to make the transition from part time at home to full time at home.

Determining how much income you’ll need to make that transition can be a bit tricky.

If you currently earn $30,000 per year, then you know you’ll need to bring in at least $30,000 to make the change. However if your job offers any type of benefits this also needs to be figured into your calculations.

For example, does your job provide you medical insurance? If so, what will it cost you to replace that insurance once you leave your job?

Does your job provide sick time and vacation time? If you currently receive 21 days a year between the sick time and vacation time, then you need to consider you’ll be losing that income if you and your family take a trip or if you need to take a day off due to you or a child being sick.

Does your job provide any type of retirement benefits? Calculate in how much those benefits are.

There are also expenses you’ll save by working at home. Often, out of office lunches occur anywhere from once a week to five times per week. If you are paying for these lunches out of pocket, then you’ll see a savings when you begin eating lunches at home.

Do you pay to dry clean your work clothes? Again, you’ll see a savings when you are at home in sweats or blue jeans.

How far do you commute to work? Figure in the wear and tear on the car, along with gas prices. I know some folks who put 2 or 3 tanks of gas in their car each week. Where I live that can be over $100 per week just in gas.

Sometimes folks make the decision to go from full time work to part time work, then full time at home. It can be a much smoother transition. You might even find a balance of part time work and part time at home that you really feel comfortable with.

Most often, in a business your earnings will go up each year, so setting a long term goal of say 5 years to leave your full time job is a very realistic goal in my opinion.

Knowing exactly what you’ll need to bring in, can help you in determining when you’ll be able to make that transition from part time at home to full time at home.

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