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7 Surefire Weightloss Tactics

If you work from home like many WAHM’s or people in the home party plan industry, then you know one of our hardest daily tasks is eating right!

Latest Scientific research says there are 7 surefire things you need to do to lose weight,  I thought I would share this with you.

1)  Use a food diary.   Write down what your eating each day is reported to help women lose up to double the amount of weight they would if they did not keep a food journal.

2)  Cut Fructose.  This form of sugar can turn to fat in your body very quickly.  This means limit processed foods and beverages sweetened with fructose.  Fruit of course is okay.

3) Have soup.  Studies show girls ages 5 to 10 who regularly eat vegetable soup are at less risk of being overweight, reported a Portuguese study.  Also at Penn State they did a similar test and found that adults who at vegetable soup before a meal at 20% fewer calories at the meal.  Simply, soup makes you feel full.

4) Eat slowly.  Women who eat slowly are shown to consume 70 fewer calories per meal and feel more satisfied after eating a meals.

5) Beware of Saturdays.  Most people who overeat do so on Saturdays says researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

6)  Drink Water.  Tests have shown that drinking 2 cups of water before breakfast will help you cut your caloric intake by 13%.  German researchers say that water burns calories!  Drinking 2 cups of water revved metabolism 24% in overweight subjects in just an hour.

7)  Grab Breakfast.  They have been saying it for years but Greek researchers are saying kids who eat breakfast cereal daily are less apt to be overweight.  Go for high-fiber, whole grain cereals. 

Also, research done at St. Louis University showed that overweight dieters who at two eggs a day lost 65% more weight than those who ate equal calories in bagels. 

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