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How To Increase Your Network Marketing Sponsor Rate

How To Increase Your Network Marketing Sponsoring Rate!When you are talking to a new prospect, the temptation to build up the image of your company and promote the products is huge but you have to stop yourself as this will jeopardize your chances of creating a relationship with your prospect.

How do you create a relationship with your prospect? Promote yourself as an expert in your field. Everyone wants information that can help them build a successful business. Give them valuable information they can use.

How do you promote yourself as an expert? It is simple, give your prospect something of value! What can you give them that would be of value and make you seem like the expert in your field? Give them a free report. It doesn’t need to be a 100 page report; it can be as simple as a 1000 words.

What you are aiming to do is attract the prospect’s attention and make them want to find out more, after all you are the expert, right?.

A couple of years ago I remember reading a report I received about MLM sponsoring which was so well written it made me stop and say “WOW I get it now!” It was not the normal boring “bla, bla, bla,” about how great the company or the products were. Instead, the author actually gave me something of value which made me feel instant respect for her and I looked at her as an expert.

Basically, the report spoke about why many of us in network marketing aren’t building a huge business. Yes, the report was aimed at getting me interested in getting more information, but this report struck the core of me and I realized I wanted more information, I had to have it. (I have included a link at the bottom of the page, if you would like to read this same report that made me go “WOW, I get it”, Why not go check it out, it is free.)

Getting more information from this expert in her field was a no-brainer. I didn’t feel like I was under any pressure at all to make an immediate decision. More importantly, it was a process which was easy to duplicate and one I felt comfortable implementing.

The term “over-deliver” is being used everywhere in Internet Marketing and you better believe it is just as effective when used in Network Marketing. So what ways can you think of to over-deliver to your potential downline? Earn their trust and respect, prove yourself as an expert in your field and you will create business associates for life.

Want to know how to create an endless stream of targeted prospects for you Network Marketing business?

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Work At Home Mom’s FREE Course!

Work at Home Moms (WAHM’s), have special needs.  They are trying to balance, family, work, household chores, chauffering, you name it.  But, still, you want to run a business and stay home with the kids.  There is a lot of information available to you but you MUST go look at the FREE WAHM-It Masters Course.  I have been busy reading and studying it.  I have followed much of what Ken Envoy (who developed this course) along with many work at home mothers,  he is a master in network marketing.

I am always following the latest and greatest that the masters of network marketing put out.  I read anything that can benefit my blog, my business or motivate me to reach for my own home business goals. In the WAHM-It Masters Course it not only shows women how to be a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM) and successfully build a real business on the net, but it also is very motivating. It is full of women’s personal stories whom have started busiensses and who now make more money that they never thought possible. I also love to hear about women who are new to trying to work at home, and that are doing well as their business grows.

If you are a WAHM or just looking for ways to earn more money, or are a mom looking to start a home business, check out this FREE WAHM Master Course! It costs nothing and offers a great deal of tips any one starting a home based business can use.

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If You Are New To Network Marketing

If you are just getting started in your own network marketing business, or been in an mlm business for awhile and can’t figure out why your business is staled, you need this book.  The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing”  What a fabulous book Ann Sieg has put together and it is absolutely FREE! 

This book is full of insight into why so many people are doing their network marketing business all wrong.  There are smarter and easier ways of doing business and Ann Sieg can show you how and why there is a better way to running your network marketing business.  I know as soon as I read “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing,”  a light bulb went off and my head and I suddenly understood why I was feeling so frustrated in my business.

 My business is going much better now and running much smoother now that I have taken just a couple of simple steps to change the way I run my network marketing business.  This isn’t hard stuff to implement either, as a matter of fact it is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it yourself.  Did I tell you here ebook was FREE?

Check it out, it is called, “The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing.  What do you have to lose, it is a free book and I know it will open your eyes to how easy things really can be in network marketing if we just do them right. 

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